About Us

Hey there, thanks for checking us out! Our team at Maids Over Miami is dedicated to making sure all of our clients are given fair consistent service. We are organized, punctual, and extremely professional. We put our clients first. From your first phone call, to the end of your clean you’ll find the whole process seamless and enjoyable, we guarantee it! Our office is more than happy to answer any questions that you may have, even if you aren’t interested in using our services! There is never a push to use our services and we are more than happy to help out where we can. That is why we are one of South Florida's fastest growing cleaning services. Our focus is to really listen to our clients, understand their needs, and provide the exceptional level of cleaning or maid service that makes them relax with the confidence that the job will be done, and done well. Call us for a free Quote!! 305-316-9151

Quality Control

We are trained to respond well to criticism and adjust to meet the needs at hand. Our goal is to take criticism objectively and constructively, not subjectively. Maids Over Miami employees are paid well, which truly affects the results we achieve. We are trained with standardized equipment and supplies, seeking to be both the best and the fastest in our area of expertise. While every employee will work a little different from the next, this standardized training allows us to work as systematically and thus as efficiently, thoroughly and consistently as possible. For routine-type cleanings, we periodically provide Customer Feedback Forms to our customers. The goal of these is to encourage free, open, honest communication, with as much detail as desired. We see this as key, and want to hear what we can do better! Each employee at Maids Over Miami receives surprise quality control checks on a quarterly basis at minimum. Employees are graded on a standard grading sheet and feedback for them and/or more training is provided as necessary. If an employee fails a certain number of surprise quality checks within a year or consecutively, that person does lose employment with the company. If an employee receives one failed grade, he/she is graded again within the next week or two and even again if needed, until sufficient correction appears to have been established. The element of surprise is important to these checks; employees do not know when they are being checked, and those checking wait until the completion of the job. We have found this type of accountability to be vital to the values of highest quality our business seeks to maintain. We ALL want to provide great service! We don’t subcontract. Thus, we have more control over our quality compared to companies that do. We guarantee the highest level of quality and dependability in cleaning. We will respond to any feedback immediately. We take care of our customers and stand behind our work. We aren’t perfect, but our goal is to be the very best we can! Call us for a free Quote! 305-316-9151